Aligning Our Values & Actions

What would my actions look like if I consciously chose them according to my values? Well, I can tell you, they would look way different than they are right now!
Surprisingly, the things that I really care about, and that leave an emotional lump in my throat, seem to be the things that don’t come naturally to me. I have to really work at them.
Some of them include:
  • A healthy planet.
  • Simplicity.
  • Kindness.
  • Health.
  • Family.
I’ve heard, and believe, that one of the best ways to create the life you really want is to think of your death bed. Depressing, I know. But honestly if you were to imagine yourself on your death bed, what do you honestly think you will regret? What are you going to regret if you don’t do it? Spending more time with family? Leaving a massive pile of trash in the world? Learning to take the time to be patient and kind – because patience and kindness are skills.
Taking only a few minutes to ask ourselves this question can be a key to creating fulfillment, and like a potter and his clay, masterfully designing and molding the life we REALLY want.
If I lived according to these values I might …
  • Walk to class; put my produce in a cloth bag; use a reusable water bottle; learn how to garden. (A healthy planet)
  • Get rid of one thing I don’t love or use every day; put things away when I am done with them; spend quiet time in nature; be grateful for five things I already have; encourage my daughter to romp outside instead of watch TV. (Simplicity)
  • Listen to my daughter before I speak; shovel my neighbor’s sidewalk; think of what is right rather than looking for people’s faults; locate a soup kitchen, call them and offer help. (Kindness)
  • Add a vegetable to my breakfast; walk rather than drive; sit on the floor and stretch; keep sugar out of my house. (Health)
  • Go for a walk with my mom; keep a gratitude journal about a loved one; let my daughter cry, and let her know it is perfectly okay to cry; do something that she wants to do; let my family know regularly how glad I am that they are my family. (Family)
It takes a TON of energy NOT to live according to my values. I know I’m not going to be perfect, but the ripple effect of one small conscious act at a time may lead to something amazing. I’m ready to start taking responsibility.
If the planet is unhealthy … if the planet is unlivable … none of my other values are possible. None of these things that I care DEEPLY about could even exist!
What ONE value could you act upon?
It only takes ONE DECISION to create a ripple effect.
Photo by Miriam Espacio on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Aligning Our Values & Actions”

  1. Wow! How lucky to meet you tonight. I’ll be following your blog and posting it a Facebook page that’s being formed on zero waste. And I ‘d like to interview you for my blog!


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